Reward Wps

A reward picture Wps

A reward picture Wps

Original Clermont Ferrand Group Photo wedding photographer

A picture Wps reward is worth celebrating! And I am really proud and happy. This slightly improvised, not even well planned group photo has been rewarded in Wps. I am proud because this is my hard work which is rewarded and I am pleased because it really means something to me. I warmly thank Emilie & Guillaume which are not for nothing in the award of course, it is thanks to their sympathy, their pretty marriage not all organize (private joke) and their smiles that this award is possible. And of course thanks to the Nice Wps jury which chose my picture amongst the dozen others extraordinary. Congratulations to all the participants and thanks to Wps.

A reward picture Wps is worth celebrating as because it doesn't happen every day, and it will take much effort and learning to get there. But I have every year pleasure and desire to get there especially and above all for the pleasure of my bride and groom. It was one of their photo and also simply provide the best. That they tell me as I am fortunate that many do so they chose the right photographer for their memories, their heritage, and that I will become their family photographer. 


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