A photo of the bride

A photo of the bride


Une photo de la mariée dans les escaliers du restaurant Marguerite de Paul Bocuse à Lyon. Eclairage créatif

A photo of the bride for the first wedding of the year 2017! It was not very hot it's certain, but there was a lot of atmosphere, emotion and beauty.

The meal took place in the Marguerite restaurant Paul Bocuse in Lyon. I took this nice moment to propose in the staircase that led to the couple and individual pictures. I propose here that of Najat.

On this wedding we had the opportunity to make pictures of the couple at the confluence Museum already and as the opportunity arose in so I proposed new night. Najat & Sofiane agreed of course and it was a nice moment. To vary styles, photos of the day were in natural light so I used the flash at night. Paul Bocuse's restaurant is a place that lends itself ideally to this type of image. The reception hall, your Castle, your restaurant or even the House where you celebrate your union is so important that it needs. According to the style you want to of course, but also according to the possibilities. Feel free to tell me about yourself, your desires. But of course we will have a lot of opportunity to talk 🙂

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