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The burial of young daughter's life.

The bride and groom have for many already booked the reception hall, they found or seeks still DJ, caterer and photographer, they are reflecting on hairstyling. And the bride maybe entrusted you the organisation of the burial of young daughter's life.

To start it is best to ask the list of people it wants to have at his side. Why take the risk of inflicting his nemesis or Ottoman service, finally she meant the ex of her future. Then ask him which must be present and like this you will know the number of participants and it will be easier to establish a budget.

The budget, let's start there. All the world has not the same finances then keep it simple. An average of 30 euros already offers possibilities (of course it doesn't pay the bride and groom). Well designate who is doing what with that money (restaurant reservation, purchase of props, purchase of drinks etc.).

And we organise what? Of course one can ridicule by disguising it as a rabbit in the public square where it will have to ask some money in a box g * e to his boss that she will cross-shaped and who will take pleasure in doing a lovely photo of her with its smartphone.

Of course one can.

Otherwise we can plan something in advance, ensure that all the world may well be present and really pamper the bride thanks to his passions, his pleasures… And pass a beautiful last night with the bride as a single.

If she likes the sport for example try to organize a day around this theme. Away from his boss who is still waiting in the square.

And with alcohol and although it may be not useful to vomit and did not remember the evening. Good unless one speaks of rabbit.

When provide the burial of young daughter's life? At least 1 month before D-day! It is necessary that the bride is rested and in full form for this beautiful day that lies ahead and also because in the coming month it y too to do.

Finally have fun! Enjoy and have fun to the bride. She decided to have his side of the persons she loves then remind him why 🙂