Discover me

Wedding photographer, but not only.

I also like the bordeaux wine, I love my wife, my children more than anything. They are my life, my development, my desire to make things better and they are also my anger when they are shitting, my waking in the morning and for my little heart he is also my blankie night. Yes in fact not yet found the way to his bed.

I love also travel and different cultures and I love the art in all its forms especially when it makes me cry. Joy, emotion, happiness, awareness brief put me an artistic baffe.

What is me I am a little young, 30s. I will do better to quarantine this would avoid to change in four mornings but it’s less nice.

My life has made me understand the importance of memories and images to conserve and to pass from generation to generation. Then my life told me to transmit to others, because it is important and because I love it.

So I’m here, your photographer to serve you. If you like my pictures come and discover my personality and if my personality you please then share a moment or a day and let us build together your memories of your pregnancy, your marriage and your couple. Your family heritage.

My approach

Human photo

My photography, be it wedding, couple / family or pregnancy, I want human above all. I want to especially that your photos look like and why I wish discover you.

By mail, Skype or real I’ll be interested in you, your desires and your expectations.

For me stories and photo shoots are first and foremost a human adventure.

Photo fun

Each of my images should you look like so that you can pass just memories, accomplices souvenirs and memories of pleasure and joy. I share with you important moments, ranging from your wedding to your pregnancy sometimes and even the birth of your child. Each experience should be fun, of shooting to the discovery of your photos. Each stage is built around the pleasure through my experience and feedback.

Photo everywhere

You live in Paris, London or even New York or Singapore, if you get married in the South of France, Brittany and in the mountains I’ll follow you.

That you live in Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Lille, if you get married in Marrakech, London, New York and even in Lapland I’ll follow you.

If you get married in the middle of an erupting volcano, I… will think about.