Wedding at the castle of Bisseret from saint Barthelemy

Wedding at the castle of Bisseret from saint Barthelemy



hotographe's wedding at the saint hilaire counter

Wedding at the castle of Bisseret from saint Barthelemy

Sean & Cédric… Where to start? By this young Frenchwoman who took stop his beautiful surf with a Caribbean accent? Or by this ceremony which in addition to unite a couple joined a family? Otherwise I can start by explaining that Kleenex could broker this marriage!

But in fact it is the story of Ombeline & Cédric who met in Saint barth, the land of Cedric, and who have made their wedding at the castle of Bisseret, near Montluçon in France. And it is also the story of two exceptional families full of emotions, life and warmth. Finally it is the story of the son of Cedric who has found a family in addition to a wonderful father.

I fell under the spell that day where I met them. I had already met Ombeline at the wedding of her very good friend Caroline, it lacked that Cedric, this adorable surfer to the smile and especially the unique creole accent. It was the first time he put a suit, his son also but the anecdotes I have so that I stop there. Next nice day at Saint Barth this time in October for these beautiful lovers.


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