Wedding at the Manoir de Corny in Normandy

Wedding at the Manoir de Corny in Normandy



ariage at the Manoir de Corny in Normandy

Wedding at the Manoir de Corny in Normandy

The Manoir de Corny is a very nice place and the ideal place for the wedding of the Parisians. It is close to the capital and charming. And it is here that Karin & Christophe chose to unite and celebrate this lovely day. Considerable hesitation about the time, the day before I tasted my lobster pull but the Sun has finally come join us on Saturday. Everything was done to contribute to this nice day. The decoration by Success Agency bouquet, to the welcoming Orchestra Kerry Scott and the wonderful Dj Steven referenced at Success Agency.

All these providers contribute much to the success of the day and the quality of the pictures. The beautiful costume of Christophe chose Jean de Sey in Paris and Karin dress at the Nuit Blanche (creator Jesus Peiro) shop. Karin makeup was done by Mel’ Angel of the senses. And finally the meal served and prepared by Erisay.

Nice theme of the evening was astronomy, because small, they dreamed all 2 to work in this wonderful area. Another thing that I was nicely marked what are pull-ups. They had already served 40 years ago in the marriage of the parents to Karin. What Nice wink!

In short I spent a wonderful weekend in their company through their kindness, their home and all their fabulous entourage. They have managed to create their wedding according to their desires and dreams, and I very much appreciate.